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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

2023 Winners

Overall Division 

1st Place:  "The Starry Night"

Image by Yasemin Cimen Mutlu, Farha Group; Hitachi S-4800

Starry Night

2nd Place:  "Finding Nemo"

 Image by Fanrui Sha, Farha Group; Hitachi SU8030

Finding Nemo

3rd Place:  "Spikeball"

 Image by Shelby Yuan, Stupp Group; Hitachi S-4800


Director's Pick:  "Sea Flowers"

 Image by Erin Meyer, Joester Group; FEI Quanta 650

Sea Flowers

Staff Pick: "Capturing Electrons" 

Image by Serkan Butun, NUFAB Facility of NUANCE Center; Nikon LV150

Capturing Electrons

Honorable Mention:  "Lights on the Ocean"

 Image by Carolin Wahl, Dravid & Mirkin Groups; JEOL JSM 7900FLV

Lights on the ocean

Honorable Mention:  "Breaking through the crust"

 Image by Samuel Pennell, Dunand Group; Hitachi SU8030

Breaking through the crust