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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

2018 Winners

Overall Division 

1st Place:  "Supercrystal Flower"

Image by Taegon Oh, Graduate Student, Materials Science & Engineering - Mirkin Group

Supercrystal Flower

2nd Place:
  "Cellulose Sea"

Image by Kristen Wek, Graduate Student, Materials Science & Engineering - Stupp Research Group

cellulose sea


3rd Place:  "Bloom"

Image by Jiafei Lyu, Visiting Scholar, Farha Group
Connected Chaos

Facebook - 1st Place:  "Perovskite Grand Canyon"

Image by Ioannis Spanopoulos PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry
Mercouri Kanatzidis Research Group

Grand Canyon

Facebook - 2nd Place:  "Purple Haze"

Image by Joseph Salvo, Graduate Student, Kozorovitskiy Research Group

Sunrise on Lake Michigan


Facebook - 3rd Place:  "Branching Out

Image by Rernando Reyes Tirado, Graduate Student, Materials Science & Engineering, Dunand Research Group

Branching out

Director's Pick:  "Neural Handshake"

Image by Alexandra Edelbrock, PhD Candidate & Dr. Zaida Alvarez, Biomedical Engineering, Stupp Research Group & Simpson Querrey Institute

Neural Handshake


Staff Pick:  "Snowflake MOFs"

Image by Karthikeyan Gnansakaran, Post-Doctoral fellow, Chemistry, Gianneschi Group

Snowflake MOFs


Honorable Mention:  "Antimony Peacock"

Image by Matt Cheng, Doctoral Student, Materials Science & Engineering, VPD Research Group

Antimony Peacock