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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

ChiAcademy Students Tour NUANCE

The NUANCE Center had the honor of welcoming 20 students from Chicago Tech Academy High School to tour our facilities. EPIC’s Core Scientist Krysten Villalon took half of the group to see our variety of instruments in our AB space, including a variety of SEMs, TEMs, and FIBs. The other half stayed with EPIC’s Assistant Core Scientist Nick Gogola to look at samples on the Hitachi S-3400N-II SEM. The students were amazed to see cat whiskers, yeast, and flower petals on the nanoscale. 

Thanks so much to Kathleen Stair, McCormick School of Engineering, for organizing the visit! 

Krysten Villalon leading tour
EPIC SEM Core Scientist Kyrsten Villalon. leads Chicago Tech Academy students on a tour of NUANCE
Nick Gogola on the SEM

Nick Gogola, SEM Asst Core Scientist getting ready to show the students a demo on our Hitachi S-3400N-II SEM 

SEM Demo
SEM demo!