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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center


The Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Infrastructure and Operations subgroup, a collection of IT professionals from schools around the country, visited the NUANCE Center to see how we manage the incredible amounts of data generated from active research every day. VPD Group Scientific Officer, Roberto dos Reis, discussed the strategies and systems in place that facilitate the transfer and storage of data. The move from Cook Hall to the Technological Institute required rethinking how systems communicate with each other, making the NUANCE Center one of the most advanced facilities in its data capabilities in the country. 

Thank you so much to Ken Turner and Steve Kwak for including us on the BTAA visit! For more information about BTAA, click the following link: 

BTAA getting ready for the tour
Gathered and getting ready for the tour!
checking out the lab
A quick stop at the KECK-II facility
Roberto answers questions
NUANCE Research Assistant Professor Dr. Roberto dos Reis, leads the tour and takes questions along the way