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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

NUANCE Center Host Schmidt Science Fellows

The NUANCE Center was honored to host the Schmidt Science Fellows for a series of short tours on Friday, November 17th as part of the 2023 Senior Fellows Conference hosted by Northwestern University. 

EPIC SEM Facility Manager, Tirzah Abbott, guided the fellows through our space in the Technological Institute’s AB wing before taking them to our EPIC TEM Facility Manager, Dr. Xiaobing Hu. The group saw our SEM, TEM, and FIB capabilities in both locations in the Technological Institute, which included instruments from our other facilities SPID, BioCryo, and Keck-II. These interdisciplinary science professionals feature post-doctoral scholars, industry leaders, and academic faculty. 

Thank you so much to Ryan Truby, Yogesh Goyal, and Kristi Hubbard for including the NUANCE Center in the visit for the Schmidt Science Fellows Conference! 

Tirzah as tour guide
Tirzah Abbott, SEM Facility Manager and tour guide extraordinaire!
Jwing part of the tour
Dr. Xiaobing Hu, TEM Facility Manager explaining the ins and outs of the JEOL ARM 200CF
showing the TEM's in Jwing
Getting a look at an SEM