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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center


The NUANCE team was thrilled to host international speaker, Adrien Vuillaume, Product Sales Leader SIMS Academic from CAMECA, to discuss the differences between the ToF SIMS and Dynamic SIMS systems.  

Students and industry professionals gathered in the MSE conference room for coffee and refreshments to hear all about the technology. The presentation was incredibly in depth and included examples of the Dynamic SIMS capabilities, including automation, multiple sample loading, and the specs of the instrument.  

While NUANCE only has the ToF SIMS system, we look forward to the advancements in the field (and hopefully we’ll have a Dynamic SIMS system in our future). Thank you so much to the CAMECA team for an informative seminar! 

CAMECA presenter
Adrien Vuillaume, CAMECA Product Sales Leader presenting his talk
CAMECA Audience
Students and Industry Professionals attending the morning seminar