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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

A virtual visit to Chicago's Boys and Girls Club!

NUANCE’s SEM Assistant Manager, Krysten Villalon, virtually visited Chicago’s Boys & Girls Club for Science and Society’s Talk to a Scientist event. She highlighted her experience working with the Field Museum in Chicago as a meteoriticist studying meteorites on the microscale. Not only did the students learn about meteorites, but all the different fields of research that use microscopes including forensics, geology, medicine, and more. They had wonderful questions for Krysten about what it’s like to be a scientist, diverse types of microscopes, and even science in Minecraft! Thank you so much to Science and Society for hosting this event and thank you to Bogan, Krysten’s dog, for giving a special guest appearance and for being a very good boy.

Virtual visit of SiS talk to a scientist
Engaged students learn about meterites and SEM's