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New article published in Nature Communications

An article authored by the VPD group and Professor Chad Mirkin’s group, entitled "Formation Mechanism of High-Index Faceted Pt-Bi Alloy Nanoparticles by Evaporation-Induced Growth from Metal Salts," has recently been featured in the Nature Communications. Co-authored by NUANCE Research associate Dr. Kunmo Koo and Dr. Bo Shen from Professor Mirkin’s group, along with Dr. Xiaobing Hu, Professor Chad Mirkin, and Professor Vinayak Dravid as corresponding authors, the research explores the formation process of high-indexed facet nanocatalysts through solid-state synthesis. The study utilized in situ closed cell gas-phase transmission electron microscopy (GP-TEM) to visualize the process and confirmed element migration inside the nanoparticle using atom probe tomography (APT).

The remarkable findings about creating complex nanoparticles have garnered significant recognition, being selected as Editor’s Highlights in both the "Inorganic and Physical Chemistry" and "Materials Science and Chemistry" sections of Nature Communications Journal. This recognition further underscores the importance of this research in advancing our understanding of nanomaterials.

 For more detailed information, the published article can be accessed here!

 article detail

group pic of researchers
(Left to Right): Dr. Roberto dos Reis, Dr. Bo Shen, Dr. Xiaobing Hu, Dr. Kunmo Koo