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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

RET/REU Farewell Party

On Friday July 28th, the summer RET and REU participants gathered, together with their mentors, for a farewell party. The group was treated to a demonstration in the fine techniques of how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream by Tirzah Abbott and Paul Smeets, NUANCE EPIC SEM and TEM Facility managers respectively. Everyone was then able to make their own tasty treat while also perusing the beautiful posters created by the RET educators offering a visual representation of all their hard work this summer!

It has been a pleasure to work alongside these students and educators this summer and we hope they are all able to take this experience and use the lessons in their classrooms for years to come.

Looking forward to seeing several of our RET participants next spring at the NSTA!

For more information on our REU and RET program, you can read all about them here (REU)and here (RET).

3 REU's
RET's Joanne Klonowski and Paula Lee with mentor Tommy Ie 
Noryano Nano with her poster
RET Noryano Nano presents her research poster to the group
Tirzah Abbott with Liquid Nitrogen
Tirzah Abbott gets ready to party, science style! 
demonstrating how to make LN ice cream
Tirzah Abbott demonstrating how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream
VPD with RET's and REU's
2023 RET and REU participants and mentors with SHyNE/NUANCE Director Vinayak Dravid