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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

2-Day XPS Workshop

NUANCE was happy to host a 2-day workshop with Thermo Fisher Scientific 2-day on May 10th and 11th  titled Correlative Surface and Materials Analysis: “Latest developments in XPS and Electron Microscopy for materials analysis.” With close to 70 registered, it was it was a full schedule of presentations by representatives from Northwestern, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and McCrone Associates, as well as a facility tour and live sample demonstrations with KECK-II facility Manager, Dr. Xinqi Chen.

Classroom with the workshop attendees
Dr. James Lallo of ThermoFisher presents his talk: Advances in XPS Capabilities and Introduction of CSIA
Mark Hersam presenting
Northwester's Prof. Mark Hersam presenting: Boron in the 2D Limit: Borophene, Borophane, and Beyond!
attendees reviewing data sets
Attendees reviewing data sets 
Dr. Xinqi Chen with students
Dr. Xinqi Chen, NUANCE's KECK II Facility Manager, conducting a demo with live samples provided by the workshop participants  
Dr. Xinqi Chen inserts live sample
Dr. Chen preparing samples for the XPS