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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Tirzah Abbott Takes Part in Chicago's C2E2!

NUANCE’s own SEM Facility Manager, Tirzah Abbott, was invited to the annual Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo held on April 2, 2023, to discuss the weird science that feels more fiction than reality a lot of times. Rextooth Studios hosted the Weird Science panel featuring Tirzah, Millie Schlaffy of Northwestern’s Robotics department, Dr. Matthew Nelson, and Dr. Maria Valdes, both of the Field Museum of Natural Science. 

Our super-hero scientists discussed what powers they would want, how they got them in a freak accident, and the real-life discoveries they’ve made in their research.  A packed audience of science enthusiasts had plenty of questions about the incredible work on the atomic and nanoscale, robotics, fungus, and meteorites.  

“Oh, Ant Man would be horrifying,” Tirzah said in response to her thoughts on the movie. “Everything is terrifying if you’re that small. The stuff you think is pretty is the worst on such a small scale. Spiders or ticks under a microscope are so much nicer to look at than nicer things like flower petals and pollen.”  

Special thanks to the organizers of the panel including Dr. Jingmai O’Connor of the Field Museum, and Ted and Annie Richlin of Rextooth Studios. 

Tirzah Abbott strikes a superhero pose at C2E2
Tirzah Abbott and fellow panelists strike a superhero pose! 
Tirzah Abbott at her panel
Tirzah Abbott discussing weird science!