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Reiner with JEOL Tech

The JEOL 3200FS is a 300kV TEM with an in-column energy filter and a K2 Summit direct electron detector.

The high acceleration voltage of 300kV makes this instrument suitable for imaging at high spatial resolution, for electron tomography, and for in situ TEM.

Zero loss peak imaging with the energy filter removes inelastically scattered electrons for improvement of contrast in general and in particular of samples with inherently low contrast.

With the direct electron detector, images can be recorded with only a fraction of the electrons that are required for imaging with ccd cameras, which is ideal for studying electron beam-sensitive specimens such as cryo-samples.

Please contact Dr. Reiner Bleher for more information at:


JEOL 1400

Eric and Reiner with the JEOL 1400The JEOL 1400 is a 120kV transmission electron microscope and our new workhorse for collecting image data from routine and vitreously frozen samples.

This user-friendly instrument features streamlined control panels with programmable buttons and multi-function knobs while maintaining the classic feel and style of older JEOL models, making the 1400 a great, “first microscope” for anyone new to TEM or a breeze to learn for anyone already familiar with JEOL TEM’s.

The microscope is highlighted by a remarkably sensitive OneView camera from Gatan capable of collecting high contrast, publication-quality data from very low signal; it also features a drift correction option to aid in data collection from unstable samples.

Please contact Eric Roth for more information at: