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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

NUANCE helps bring the nano-world to Goudy Elementary's STEM night!

NUANCE was excited to partner with Northwestern's Science in Society on March 14, 2023 as they helped bring science to the schools for Goudy Elementary's STEM Night! 

Mike Barsoum, Dravid Research Group graduate student, provided a live demo & Q&A with students and parents, on NUANCE's SEM. 

Mike showed in real-time samples under the SEM, and students had the opportunity to engage in a "What is this?" game that had everyone guessing!

We are always happy to bring science to the classroom and expose students to scanning electron microscopy!

remote video access to SEM
Mike gives an introduction on the microscope and how it works
"guess the sample"
Students watch and guess the material as different samples are shown