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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

NUANCE hosts Electron Microscopy Diffraction Workshop

On December 9, 2021, NUANCE Center, in collaboration with GATAN/AMETEK and Oxford Instruments, provided a workshop that discussed recent advances in ED in SEM and S/TEM. Organized under the direction of Tirzah Abbott, NUANCE SEM Lab Manager, Roberto dos Reis, Research Asst. Professor, Northwestern and Stephanie Ribet, Graduate Student, VPD Group, Northwestern, the talks and presentations covered a range of topics including state-of-the-art instrument development and new approaches to data-analysis enabling crystal orientation, phase, strain, and defect mapping. Discussions also focused on the many ways advances across the microscopy workflow from acquisition to data management to diffraction processing can be used to realize new insights into a variety of materials with applications in many fields.

Electron diffraction (ED) based techniques powered by new instrumentation provide the high spatial and angular resolution required to drive forward studies in a variety of material systems. Some of the insightful talks presented at the workshop include Patrick Trimby, EBSD Product Manager at Oxford Instruments; Sahil Gulati, PhD, Applications Manager of Life Sciences from GATAN, Michael Martynowycz, Research Scientist, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, from University of California, Los Angeles; and Hannah Blatchford, Graduate Student at the University of Minnesota to name only a few! It is always a delight to be able to collaborate and connect with our colleagues and get an understanding of the variety of ways the instrumentation is being used in their work and research! From metallurgy, to rock outcroppings in Norway, to tooth enamel, to crystals of protein on the atomic and nanoscale, and everything in between, it was a fascinating workshop!

Thank you to all who joined us and to the presenters for offering such an interesting and dynamic workshop! We look forward to the next one! In the meantime, you can see the check out all the talks and presentations from this workshop on our YouTube Channel

screenshot Tirzah Abbott presentation
Tirzah Abbott, NUANCE SEM Lab Manager giving an introduction into Electron Backscatter Diffraction methods


Hanna Blachford screehshoot
Hanna Blatchford, Graduate Student, Universtiy of Minnesota from her presentation 'Time Warp: Titanite (CaTiSi05) microstructures and their relationship to U-Pb geochronology and trace element variability in rocks of Norway's Western Gneiss Region'
screenshot presentation
Michael Martynowycz, Research Scientist, Howard Huges Medical Institute, University of California, Los Angeles sharing his research with protein crystal structures using the cryoEM method MicroED.