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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

First Live Streamed Tech Talk!

Thursday, June 25th was a historic day in NUANCE! For the first time since starting our Tech Talk series, this month's talk was presented live over Zoom! There was a great turn out for Charlene Wilke and Eric Roth's joint talk titled "Negative Staining beyond Uranyl Acetate". Not only were they able to discuss current practices with regards to staining techniques, but they also touched on some of the "new normal" practices in regards to the re-opening of our Labs.

With close to 40 participants, it was a great way to connect and have an open discourse while staying safe and social distancing! Thanks to Eric and Charlene for sharing their expertise and willingness to explore new avenues!

You can view the recorded Tech Talk on our YouTube channel
Tech Talk