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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

mHUB tours NUANCE Facilities

mHUB co-founder and CEO Haven Allen, along with several of the mHUB team were able to tour our facilities yesterday, January 22, 2020. It is always exciting to connect with organizations who are committed to fostering "connections between local manufacturers, university researchers and our city’s entrepreneurial community of makers and technologists. . . ." as a means of ensuring innovative ideas are able to become innovated reality! Thanks for coming through mHUB!

mHub Tour
The tour stops by the Keck-II Facility and meets Dr. Xinqi Chen


Next stop is NUFAB and a view of the cleanroom, with Dr. Nasir Basit.


A quick chat with SPID Facility Manager, Gajendra Shekhawat