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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

NUANCE Hosts Bruker Seminar

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, representatives from Bruker Corporation facilitated a seminar and demonstration workshop focusing on advanced applications of infrared and ramen spectroscopy. The aim of this seminar was to explore the basic and the advanced techniques used in FTIR spectroscopy.

Dr. Sergey Shilov, Senior Applications Scientist at Bruker, discussed optimization of instrument components, acquisition parameters, and post processing methods to obtain high quality FTIR spectra in the introductory session.

The afternoon session touched on FTIR solution for thin film characterizations; absorption enhancement with polarized light; reduction of water vapor influence; overview of accessories for surface science, C and O quantification in Si; polarization modulation techniques; and electrochemistry. The afternoon session was immediately followed by a demonstration on the FTIR instrument in the Keck II facility lab presented by Chris Kelly, Bruker's midwest regional sales representative. 

A very informative workshop indeed! Thanks Bruker!

Xinqi Chen welcomes the group
Dr. Xinqi Chen, KECK II Facility Manager welcomes Bruker guests and seminar participants
Dr. Shilov with students
Dr. Sergey Shilov answers some questions 
Chris Kelly in the lab demo
Chris Kelly from Bruker in the KECK-II lab
Chris Kelly gathering data
Chris Kelly gathering data and samples for the live demonstration 
analyzing sample
Analyzing Sample 
analyzing data with the software
Students analyzing datasets with the sample software