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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

China Consul General Zhao Jian Tours NUANCE

On November 5th, Northwestern's Office for the Vice President for International Relations was honored to host the new Consul-General of China, Consul General Zhao Jian.

As part of the visit, NUANCE was excited to show the distinguished visitors our facilities. Included in the tour were Mr. Zhao Jian, Consul General, Ms. Wu Ting, Consul General's spouse, Ms. Chen Yinghui, Director of Education Department and Ms. Liu Jiaming, Consul of Education Department.

The Tour included visits to NUANCE's new space in the Technological Institute, NUFAB and IMSERC.

group pic of NUANCE with Consul General

Consul General Tour

Touring NUFAB

Touring KECK-II