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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

BioCryo's New Tool!

The BioCryo team of NUANCE is excited to announce the acquisition of a new type of diamond knife for ultramicrotomy of soft samples that can make the need for cryogenic temperatures obsolete.

This new “Ultra Sonic Diamond Knife” features a piezo actuator which produces an oscillation of the knife at a desired frequency and amplitude, parallel to the cutting edge. As a result, we now can obtain ultrathin sections almost free of compression! The sections become thinner at the same thickness setting: since the volume of the section remains the same, the increased length leads to a decrease in thickness.  With this new type of knife, we can obtain ultrathin sections from soft samples and we are able to section materials that are very challenging.

Feel free to contact the BioCryo team if you want to know more about the Ultra Sonic Diamond Knife.

We gratefully acknowledge funding of this acquisition by OR, MRSEC, and MSE.

Diamond Knife