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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Microscopy and Microanalysis

n early August , technical staff members Kun He, Xiaobing Hu, Paul Smeets, Eric Roth, and Ben Myers—along with NUANCE Center Director Professor Vinayak P. Dravid, attended the 2019 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference in Portland, Oregon.

The M&M Conference is an annual conference that invites scientists and researchers from across the country to discuss topics and current events in the field of microscopy. This year was especially exciting as NUANCE Center Director Professor Vinayak P. Dravid was selected as a member of the Microanalysis Society’s Inaugural Class of Fellows, and was honored for his “longstanding contributions to advancing microanalysis” and presented with a lovely plaque!

The NUANCE Center also came away with several other awards in a variety of categories. Congratulations to Paul Smeets, Akshay Murthy, and Chi Zhang for being recognized for their contributions in their respective fields of study!  

NUANCE always appreciates the opportunity this conferences offers to connect with other researchers and institutes, and learn more about the exciting developments that their colleagues at other institutions of research are making.

We're already looking forward to the 2020 M&M Conference in Milwaukee, WI!

group shot of all the NUANCE folks attending M&M
NUANCE and VPD Group attend M&M!


Prof. Vinayak Dravid

Paul Smeets gets an award
Paul Smeets, PhD, accepts his award