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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

NanoMEGAS Sales Director Visits NUANCE

Robert Stroud, Director of Sales for NanoMEGAS American operations, came to NUANCE last Tuesday and presented a talk on Precession Electron Diffraction Scanning in Transmission Electron Microscopes. Several application examples were presented including metals, thin films, semiconductors, nanoparticles, and organic crystals.

TEM facility manager Xiaobing Hu gave Stroud a tour through NUANCE’s newer facilities as he had not been on campus in several years. Stroud also and enjoyed lunch with several of NUANCE’s staff members and SHyNE Director of Operations, Dr. Ben Myers.

NanoMEGAS director of sales gives talk
Dr. Robert Stroud, NanoMEGAS

participants in the NanoMEGAS presentation