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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

New Publication in ACS Nano

Professor Vinayak P. Dravid co-authored a new publication in ACS Nano, "Quantifying Polymer Chain Orientation in Strong and Tough Nanofibers with Low Crystallinity: Toward Next Generation Nanostructured Superfibers". The article examines different methods of quantifying the degree of polymer chain orientation of nanofibers, assessing the benefits and drawbacks of traditional and new methods.

From the paper's abstract: The results provide guidance for accurate nanofiber characterization to improve fundamental understanding and accelerate development of nanofibers and related nanostructured materials produced by electrospinning or other methods. We expect that the discussion in this review will also be useful to studies of many biological systems that exhibit nanofilamentary architectures and combinations of high strength and toughness.

polymer chain
Fig. 1 - A visual description of the article's process
polymer chain
Fig. 2 - Polarized optical microscopy experiment, one of the methods discussed in the article