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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

KECK Facility Receives New Microscope

The Keck Facility is the new home of a Bruker Lumos FTIR microscope.

The Lumos FTIR microscope is designed to allow its user to experience a fully automated microscopic sample analysis process while taking up less space than similar FTIR instruments. The microscope also features impressive FTIR technology such as a motorized condenser, gold-coated mirrors, and a solid state laser with a life span of more than ten years among many other features. The microscope also has a wide range of applications including particle identification, defect and contamination analysis, and fiber identification as well as several others.

Keck Facility Manager Xinqi Chen explained how the new instrument made its way into his facility.

“We won an NU OR grant this past spring to purchase this microscope,” he explained. “The installation is all finished and it is open for users now.”


The LUMOS FTIR Microscope in the Keck Facility of the NUANCE Center