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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

High Speed/Low Dose Analytical Electron Microscopy with Dynamic Sampling

VPD Group members Karl Hujsak, Eric Roth, Will Kellogg, Yue Li, and NUANCE Center Director Professor Vinayak P. Dravid were recently involved in a project that reported a new approach to analytical imaging using algorithms. 

The project presented the application of a of a Multi-Objective Autonomous Dynamic Sampling (MOADS) method. When added to a scanning transmission electron microscope as an additional piece of software, MOADS offers accelerated spectrum mapping in electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) as well as in energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry (EDS).

VPD Group member Karl Husjak was able to explain the applications of the project.

“We developed a new way to image and investigate materials by inserting a machine learning algorithm between the scientist and the microscope,” he explained. “This allows the microscope itself to make intelligent decisions far faster than the operator, and record phenomena at a significantly higher speed with reduced chance of damaging the sample.”

Samples for this project were provided by the EPIC and BioCryo facilities of the NUANCE Center. Support for the EPIC and BioCryo facilities was given by the SHyNE Resource, the MRSEC Program, and the International Institute of Nanotechnology (IIN), as well as several other benefactors. The full publication can be read here

 Experimental MOADS acquisition of boron nitride flakes on a lacey carbon film using EELS.