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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

NUANCE Center Welcomes Students from Kennedy King College

On Friday July 20th, the NUANCE Center received visitors from Kennedy King College in Chicago for a tour of the EPIC facility and the NUCAPT facility.

The students who participated in the tour were divided into four groups and taken to different parts of Cook Hall, including the rooms where the EPIC Facility houses its SEM and TEM microscopes. During the tour, the students were given lectures from technical staff members about how their instruments work and what applications they have. 

Tours such as this one are important to the mission of the NUANCE Center, as they allow the technical staff of the Center to share their work with members of the community at large and to hopefully inspire others to pursue careers in nanotechnology and its related fields, or to simply develop a better understanding and appreciation of the role that science plays in their lives.


Students from Kennedy King College posing for a group picture


Professor Dieter Isheim (right) shows students a sample taken using instruments from the NUCAPT facility


Students from Kennedy King College posing for a group picture in Cook Hall