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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Upward Bound Students Come to NUANCE

On Friday June 29th, NUANCE welcomed students from the Upward Bound program for a tour of its facilities across campus. Upward Bound is a program that gives students the ability to prepare for college by participating in tours and events beyond the classroom. The tours were guided by graduate students Jann Grovogui and Akshay Murthy, who showed the students different instruments and facilities in Cook Hall and the Tech Building. When the tours had concluded, the students assembled in the lobby of Cook Hall where NUANCE Outreach Coordinator Marcela Gallegos led a group discussion on the importance of ambition in higher education.

Events and tours such as this are important to the mission of NUANCE, as they invite students to consider a future in science as they prepare themselves for college.

The students participating in the tour posing for a group photo.


Graduate student Jann Grovogui (left) leading a group of students into the facilities of EPIC.


Graduate student Akshay Murthy (right) explaning to a group of students how a TEM instrument works.


NUANCE Outreach Coordinator Marcela Gallegos (standing) speaking to the group about the importance of being ambitious and making goals in regards to higher education.