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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

NUANCE Participates In Take Your Children To Work Day

On Thursday April 26th, NUANCE participated in Northwestern University’s 24th annual Take Your Children To Work Day. Take Your Children To Work Day is an event held every year where the children of Northwestern’s faculty and staff have the opportunity to come to campus to see the ins and outs of their parents’ place of work. At NUANCE, the children participated in fun activities such as measuring their height in nanometers, looking at an egg through a scanning electron microscope, and “voting” for their favorite application of nanotechnology. The staff of NUANCE particularly enjoy Take Your Children To Work Day for the opportunity to interact with children and to hopefully spark an interest in STEM and nanotechnology at an early age.

The campus-wide event is organized by Northwestern University’s Human Resources Department and is sponsored by the Association of Northwestern University Women (ANUW) and the Office of the President. The children were delightful guests, and the staff of NUANCE are excited to partake in the event next year! 


NUANCE staff members Eric Holst (left) and Steffie Drucker (center-left) take questions from children.


EPIC staff member Tirzah Abbott interacts with children during Take Your Children To Work Day.