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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Students From Kaplan Institute Visit NUANCE

On Wednesday February 28th, students from the Kaplan Institute for the Humanities visited the facilities of NUANCE to observe how the work that NUANCE does intersects with their own studies of visual arts. During the tour, Eric Roth, the NUANCE staff member who led the group, explained that the images taken from NUANCE’s instruments come out in black and white, but added that some are later colorized and modified. The students on the tour also viewed winning pictures from NUANCE’s annual image contest, including a colorized image of bread mold fibers that Eric submitted himself in 2016. The students who participated in the tour had a wonderful experience and learned exciting details about the world of atomic and nanoscale experimentation.

Staff member Eric Roth (center) explains to visiting students how one of NUANCE's instruments works.

Staff member Eric Roth (pointing) gets a closer look at an image on a computer screen.

Staff member Gajendra Shekhawat (left) explains how one of the instruments in the SPID facility works.

Staff member Eric Roth (front) leads visiting students from Cook Hall to the Tech Building.