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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Charlene Wilke Hosts NUANCE's Monthly Coffee Hour

The NUANCE Center’s December Coffee Hour was hosted by BioCryo Electron Microscopy Imaging Specialist, Charlene Wilke, on December 13th.

The NUANCE Coffee Hour is an informal event for NUANCE Users, hosted by a different staff member each month. This month, Charlene Wilke gave a presentation about her experience in a few of her favorite activities— book club and movie club—and how they aren’t so different from her role. Charlene is an avid book reader and movie watcher and attendees learned a little bit more about what goes on in book club and how some of those stories translate to the big screen. In her presentation, Charlene touched on not only some of her favorite books and movies (The Book Thief, Being There, Bend it Like Beckham, The Dinner), she informed attendees about the evolution of cinematic tools, tricks and tips directors use to convey the powerful messaging of good cinema.  In her training sessions, Charlene encourages NUANCE Users to employ similar creativity to best relay the story of their research.  Focus, camera angle, composition should inform the narrative arc of a researcher’s professional communication.

Charlene is excited to build relationships with Northwestern’s innovative research community. Please reach out to see how she might assist in developing techniques for your project.

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Charlene Wilke

Charlene WIlke

Charlene Wilke