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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

NUANCE Special Lecture Featuring Professors Nigel Browning and Layla Mehdi

The NUANCE Center and Professor Vinayak Dravid were pleased to host Prof. Nigel Browning and Dr. Layla Mehdi for a special lecture for graduate students using nanotechnology research on Friday, December 8th.

Prof. Nigel Browning has an extensive background in physics, material engineering, and biological sciences and is currently the Chair of Electron Microscopy in the School of Engineering and the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Liverpool. His wife, Prof. Layla Mehdi, shares a chemistry background and is an Assistant Professor at the University of Liverpool, UK. As past users of NUANCE Facilities who have become specialists in their respective fields, Profs. Browning and Mehdi gave a special presentation on their work, ‘Operando STEM: Controlling the Kinetics of Dynamic Processes in Liquids and Applications to Batteries,’ to graduate students using NUANCE Facilities. The lecture was followed by a question and answer period where students had the opportunity to discuss current projects and inquiries related to Profs. Browning and Mehdi’s research.

profs touring
Ben Myers and Profs. Browning & Mehdi review capabilities of the new JEOL aberration corrected TEM in NUANCE, Tech J-wing..
SHyNE Director of Operations, Ben Myers, gives Profs. Browning and Mehdi a tour of NUANCE


Profs. Browning & Mehdi hold table discussions with MSE research groups.


vpd with guests
Prof. Dravid with Profs. Browning & Mehdi.