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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

NUANCE "Art of Science" Winners!

EVANSTON, IL – During this year’s NUANCE Fest, Prof. Vinayak Dravid announced the winners of the 2017 “Art of Science Image Contest.” NUANCE’s image contest is an opportunity for facility users and staff to showcase the fascinating and beautiful images produced by the Center’s instruments. In total, the contest drew seven winners and two honorable mentions.

1st Place:

“NiS Forest” by Graduate Student, Chenliang Xiao.

winning image

2nd Place:

“Perovskite Butterfly” by Graduate Student, Weijun Ke.

winning image

3rd Place:

“Twinkle, Twinkle Little MoS2” by Graduate Student, Jenn DiStefano.

winning image

Director’s Pick:

“Accidental Beauty” by Alexandra Edelbrock

Directors Pic

NUANCE Staff pick:

“Crystal Gateway” by EPIC Senior Electron Microscopy and Imaging Specialist, Tirzah Abbott.

Staff Pic

Social Media Winners:

“Nano-Metropolis at Night” by Graduate Student, Chao Sun.

social media winner

“Magnetic Nanoflower” by Graduate Student, Vikas Nandwana.

social media winner

Honorable Mentions:

“Art of Periodicity” by Postdoctoral student, Haixin Lin.

social media winner

“The Fungal Jungle” by BioCryo Electron Microscopy Specialist, Eric Roth.

winning image