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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

The NUANCE Center Welcomes Charlene Wilke and Shaoning Lu!

Charline WilkeThe NUANCE Center warmly welcomes Charlene Wilke as the new BioCryo Electron Microscopy Imaging Specialist! Charlene started at Northwestern University in 2008, after completing her AS in Electron Microscopy.

Charlene started at Northwestern University in 2008, after completing her AS in Electron Microscopy. Over the years, she has participated in a wide variety of biological electron microscopy projects. Specifically, Cryo TEM prep and imaging of liposomes, colon tissue, drosophila larva, Anaerobic bacteria, Methanotrophic bacteria, bacteria phage, mouse brain tissue, and skin samples that have been treated with nano particles. Her work at Northwestern has not been limited to biological samples. She has worked with materials including pigment development in ancient and antique paint, hybrid and nano-particle assemblies and polymers.

In her free time, Charlene can be found trying a variety of new endeavors. She dabbles in sewing, ceramics, re-functionalizing found items or furniture and gardening if a patch of land is available.

The NUANCE Center welcomes Dr. Shaoning Lu, NUFAB's newest Research Associate!staff-bio-lu.jpg

Shaoning has serving microelectronics industry as a senior engineer/scientist with extensive exposure in R&D and production environment. She has been exploring in a cross-disciplinary field between mechanical engineering, material characterization and microelectronics manufacturing.  She obtained her Ph.D degree from mechanical engineering department of Northwestern University, focused on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), gained a lot of cleanroom equipment and metrology experience since then. After graduation, she worked in wafer probing equipment company and microelectronics chemical mechanical polishing consumable material company. 

Over 10 years’ work, she is particular hands on designing and building high precision electro-mechanical instruments, formulate metrology solutions for a wide range of testing.   She also practices 3D mechanical design of hardware and process development for various users.   Her professional interest includes mechanics of microstructures, tribology, polymer mechanics, rheology, design for manufacturing, visualization and digital image processing of microscale contact mechanics.

 Shaoning enjoys her time with her two kids, loves music, architecture, photography, crafts and gardening.