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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

The NUANCE Center Welcomes Tirzah Abbott

Welcome Tirzah newsThe NUANCE Center warmly welcomes Tirzah Abbott, the new Electron Microscope and Imaging specialist in the EPIC facility. Tirzah recently graduated with a Master’s of Science in Geology and Geochemistry at Northern Illinois University. Her research focused on stable isotope analysis of ~3.4 million year old diatoms from sediments beneath the McMurdo Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

Before completing her M.S., Tirzah attended Beloit College in Wisconsin, studying diatom assemblages in sediment cores from the Connecticut River Valley and Long Island Sound. During both her degree programs, Tirzah made use of Scanning Electron Microscopes, along with a number of other analytical instruments, to image and identify diatoms and sediments. In addition, Tirzah has taught undergraduates and fellow graduate students how to use and improve their understanding of SEMs and other instruments.

Tirzah loves the outdoors: she camps, climbs, skis, hikes, backpacks, and bikes as much as possible.

Welcome to NUANCE, Tirzah!