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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Meet the Talented and Dedicated Staff of the NUANCE Center

NUANCE Group 2017 cropped.jpg
Back Row (from left to right):

Eric Miller (Microscopy & Imaging Specialist), Dr. Serkan Butun (Postdoctoral Fellow, NUFAB), Chad Goeser (Business Manager), Dr. Anil Dhote (Sr. Research Associate, NUFAB), Dr. Hee Joon Jung (Postdoctoral Fellow, EPIC), Sophie Rose (Outreach Assistant).

Middle Row (standing, from left to right):

Raymond Bailey (Outreach Coordinator), Dr. Yuan Li (Postdoctoral Fellow, KECK-II), Dr. Sungkyu Kim (Postdoctoral Fellow), Ashley Gilmore (Outreach Assistant), Dr. Ying Jia (Research Engineer, NUFAB), Amy Morgan (Program Administrator), Dr. Chiara Musumeci (Postdoctoral Fellow, SPID), John Ciraldo (Research Engineer, NUFAB)

Front Row (standing, from left to right):

Dr. Kai He (TEM Mananger, EPIC), Joyce Park (Financial Administrator), Dr. Qianqian Li (Postdoctoral Fellow, EPIC), Puja Bhattacharjee (Nanojournalism Intern), Eric W. Roth (Research Technologist, EPIC), Dr. Wenyun Li, Karl Hagglund (SEM Manager, EPIC).

Front Row (seated, from left to right):

Dr. Reiner Bleher (EPIC BioCryo Facility Manager), Dr. Jinsong Wu (EPIC TEM Facility Manager), Dr. Gajendra Shekhawat (SPID Facility Manager), Prof. Vinayak Dravid (NUANCE Center Director), Ben Myers (Director of Operations, SHyNE Resource), Dr. Xinqi Chen (Keck-II Facility Manager), Dr. Nasir Basit (Facility Manager NUFAB).