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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Gemini Nano VP FESEM Workshop

On Friday, January 20 NUANCE hosted the Gemini Nano VP FESEM Workshop in collaboration with Carl Zeiss Microscopy and Bruker. The event marked the final day of the GeminiSEM 500 NanoVP FESEM Road Show at the Technological Institute, during which ZEISS microscopy specialist Steve Nagy offered personalized demonstrations on the new GeminiSEM.

Speakers at the workshop included Dr. Pascal Anger and Dr. Soeren Eyhusen of ZEISS and Mark Kelsey of Bruker.

Karl speaking
Opening remarks by SEM Facility Manager Karl Hagglund
Dr. Agner speaking
Dr. Pascal Anger, Carl Zeiss Microscopy.
Dr, Sorenson speaking
Dr. Soeren Eyhusen, Carl Zeiss Microscopy.

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