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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Students tour the NUANCE facilities to learn about nanoscience

tour picOn Wednesday, a group of students from SQ Scholar, a scholarship program for promising middle and high school students from Chicago, took a tour of the NUANCE facility to learn about nanoscience. The students began with an introductory video exploring what nanoscience is and then had the opportunity to experience it hands on. Northwestern graduate students were able to help with the tour, explaining the different instruments and research they work on in their field.

Under a Scanning Electron Microscope, Xiaomi Zhang allowed students to observed fascinating images of pollen at the nano level. In Cook Hall, Eve Hanson explained the Optical Microscope Demo and Yue Li spoke about the cancer research she conducts on the Transmission Electron Microscope. Students were able to see up close images of different samples on different microscopes in nanometers. The tour concluded with students having a better understanding of what nanoscience is and the possibility of a future in the field!