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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Seminar and Demo Session of the Hitachi SU 8030 SEM held by Atsushi Muto

A seminar was held Tuesday in the MSE conference room by Mr. Atsushi Muto followed by a demonstrative session on Wednesday. The seminar discussed the imaging performance and capabilities of the Hitachi SU 8030 SEM, the highest performance scanning electron microscope in the EPIC facility. Mr. Muto explained the low voltage imaging utilizing beam deceleration, low voltage backscattered electron detection, and how to maximize imaging performance using the various detectors on the microscope.

The latest in sample preparation for UHR imaging was also discussed, being a critical component to quality results. There was also an introduction to some of the latest applications in UHR FE-SEM being developed by Hitachi. On Wednesday in the EPIC facility, Mr. Muto gave seven demonstrations of the Hitachi SU 8030 SEM to further explore the instrument and its capabilities.

Mr. Muto worked with the NUANCE Center from 2007-2008 as an invited scientist sponsored by Hitachi where he learned the latest application needs through interactions with the NUANCE technical staff and users. Now, a Senior Applications Engineer in the Nanotechnology Systems Division of Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., working from the Clarksburg, MD, office, Mr. Muto provides technical expertise, applications development and collaborative research activities. His research interests include FE-SEM system development, broad ion beam/focused ion beam applications and variable pressure electron microscopes.

muto demo