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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Shaoning Lu, PhD

Shaoning Lu, PhD

Shaoning Lu, PhD

Equipment Manager

Office: Technological Institute, #FG71


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Personal Statement

Prior to joining NUFAB, Shaoning served in the semiconductor industry as a senior engineer/scientist with extensive exposure in R&D and production environments. She’s experienced in a cross-disciplinary field between mechanical engineering and microelectronics manufacturing. She obtained her Ph.D degree from the mechanical engineering department of Northwestern University, focused on micronano-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS). After graduation, she gained a lot of semiconductor experience by working in memory chip testing equipment company and a microelectronics CMP company.

With 10 years’ industry experience, she’s been designing and building high-precision electro-mechanical instruments, formulating metrology solutions, conducting big data mining, and developing new manufacturing technologies and processes. At NUFAB, she is proficient with chemical and physical thin film deposition and etching. Her professional interests include nano/microfabrication technologies, hardware/software system integration for semiconductor manufacturing, tribology, thin films, flexible electronics, and automation of data processing.

Research Objectives and Approach

  • Manufacturing technology development in semiconductor industry
  • System integration and automation
  • Microdevice and high precision instrument design
  • Thin film technology
  • Data acquisition, simulation, numerical solutions
  • Electronic packaging

Educational & Research Background

Ph.D in Nanomicroelectro-mechanical Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University