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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Nasir Basit, PhD

Nasir Basit, PhD

Nasir Basit, PhD

NUFAB Director of Operations

Office: Technological Institute, #FG73


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Personal Statement

I’m the Director of Operations of NUFAB, a premier nanofabrication facility of Northwestern University. I took part in its founding from very beginning of the design phase by working with architects and contractors to the completion. Its thoughtful design had not only accommodated the original nanofabrication toolset but its flexibility has been making installation of several new tools possible even a decade later. It has expanded recently with the integration of an older cleanroom in Cook Hall which is now being equipped for research on new emerging technologies like quantum computers and photonics.

With a great staff team and NUANCE support, our goal now as ever is to provide inspiration, technical expertise, cutting-edge equipment and training on it to all researchers to foster their creativity in developing micro and nano systems of the future.

If you are our experienced user or thinking of becoming one, we are looking forward to discussing how NUFAB can help you.

Research Objectives and Approach

  • Managing shared nanofabrication cleanroom facilities
  • nanofabrication tools and processes
  • tool training
  • team building
  • cleanroom design for nanofabrication research

Educational & Research Background

I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Pittsburgh with background in micro/nano fabrication.