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NUANCE: Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center

Eric W. Roth (they/them)

Eric W. Roth (they/them)

Eric W. Roth (they/them)

BioCryo Core Scientist

Office: Silverman Hall, #B535


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Personal Statement

I’m a dedicated electron microscopist, sample preparation expert, and imaging artist with 15+ years of experience working in academic research.  I sincerely enjoy what I do and see every aspect of microscopy as an art form.  My life goal is to improve the future for all humans by guiding and training future researchers and collaborating with others throughout the academic world.  Do you need images for that one key figure to complete your paper?  Did reviewer two ask to see cryoEM?  Are you chasing a grant without any spare time to stumble through learning a difficult new technique before the submission deadline?  I’ve got the steady hands and experience you need to keep your research from suffering delays or getting scooped. 

I believe in the importance of learning from mistakes, mindful mastery of technique, and building my list of skills rather than accomplishments.  I approach every aspect of microscopy with careful planning, confidence, and diligent attention to detail.  On the nano-scale, small mistakes cascade into failed experiments.  So, my motto is, “take your time, do it once, and do it right!”

Research Objectives and Approach

  • biology, materials science, polymers, drug discovery
  • cryoTEM, cryoSEM, STEM, microanalysis, ultramicrotomy, plunge-freezing, chemical processing

Educational & Research Background

My experience crosses disciplines from biology to materials research and I’m not afraid to handle sensitive and challenging samples.  My career in microscopy began at NYU where I applied classic electron microscopy sample preparation and imaging techniques to nearly every cell line, organ of a mouse, drosophila anatomy, c. elegans, etc. research models.  Today, at Northwestern, I’m applying that experience to biological and material interfaces, hybrid material models, nanoparticles, MOF’s, drug discovery, and more, using high-end analytical techniques like cryoTEM, HAADF STEM, and X-Ray microanalysis.

In the world of microscopes, if it uses high voltage in a high vacuum environment, I can play it like a fiddle.  In addition to microscope operation, I have experience performing basic maintenance and troubleshooting issues such as alignment or vacuum problems.  Sometimes, that means laying on my back and getting covered in oil while reaching into the guts of a microscope, and I love it all!