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2018 NUANCE Image Contest

"The Art of Science"

The NUANCE Center’s Cook Hall acts as a scientist’s laboratory and an artist’s studio. Innovative research produces images that communicate scientific discoveries as well as compelling designs. At NUANCE we understand that nanoscale research often yields awe-inspiring images that grant access into a potentially unfamiliar sub-microscopic world. We want to extend a glimpse of our student and staff researchers’ perspectives on this world to those connected, directly or indirectly, to nanotechnology fields through NUANCE’s annual scientific image contest. The NUANCE "Art of Science” image contest commemorates and unveils the talented persons behind the instrument and the aesthetics emerging beyond the science.


2018 Image Contest Winners Are Here!

Web Division - 1st Place:  "Supercrystal Flower"

Image by Taegon Oh, Graduate Student, Materials Science & Engineering - Mirkin Group

Superflower Crystal


Web Division - 2nd Place:
  "Cellulose Sea"

Image by Kristen Wek, Graduate Student, Materials Science & Engineering - Stupp Research Group

Cellulose Sea

Web Division - 3rd Place: "Bloom"

Image by Jiafei Lyu, Visiting Scholar, Farha Group


Web Honorable Mention: "Antimony Peacock"

Image by Matt Cheng, Doctoral Student, Materials Science & Engineering, VPD Research Group

Antimony Peacock

Facebook - 1st Place: "Perovskite Grand Canyon"

Image by Ioannis Spanopoulos PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry
Mercouri Kanatzidis Research Group

Perovskite Canyon

Facebook - 2nd Place: "Purple Haze"

Image by Joseph Salvo, Graduate Student, Kozorovitskiy Research Group

Purple Haze

Facebook - Honorable Mention: "Branching Out"

Image by Rernando Reyes Tirado, Graduate Student, Materials Science & Engineering,

Dunand Research Group

Branching Out

VPD Director's Pick: "Neural Handshake"

Image by Alexandra Edelbrock, PhD Candidate & Dr. Zaida Alvarez, Biomedical Engineering,

Stupp Research Group & Simpson Querrey Institute

Neural Handshake

Staff Pick: "Snowflake MOFs"

Image by Karthikeyan Gnansakaran, Post-Doctoral fellow, Chemistry, Gianneschi Group

Snowflake MOFs