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Guest Lecturers from Max Planck Institute Visit Northwestern!

Last Thursday, May 26th, 2022 the NUANCE Center and SHyNE Resource in partnership with Northwestern’s Materials Research Science Engineering Center had the privilege to host visiting scholars Professor Dr. Stuart Parkin and Professor Dr. Claudia Felser of the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

Speaking to a packed room in Ryan Hall, Dr. Felser presented her talk: Topology and Chirality followed by Dr. Parkin’s talk: Chiral Spin Textures. Thank you Professors for being generous with your time when the Q&A session went longer than anticipated! How wonderful to be able to interact with each other again in person! We look forward to hosting you again in the near future.

Dr. Parkin speaking
Professor Dr. Stuart Parkin presenting his talk: Chiral Spin Textures  


Dr. Stuart and Prof Dravid
Professor Dravid and Professor Dr. Stuart Parkin 


Dr's Parkin and Felser
Dr's Parkin and Felser with Professor Dravid


Dr. Felser presents her talk
Professor Dr. Felser presenting her talk:Topology and Chirality