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Tirzah Abbott Hosts NUANCE’s First Coffee Hour of Academic Quarter

The NUANCE Center’s first Coffee Hour of the 2017-18 Academic year was hosted by Senior Electron Microscopy and Imaging Specialist, Tirzah Abbott on November 8th.

The NUANCE Coffee Hour is an informal event for NUANCE users, hosted by a different staff member each month. This month, Tirzah Abbott gave a presentation about her journey before electron microscopy in paleontology and geology. Users learned a little more about Tirzah’s passion for the geosciences, her trips across the United States to unearth out world’s cretaceous creatures, and her family.

Thank you Tirzah Abbott for hosting this month’s Coffee Hour!

Tirzah Coffee Hour Flyer

Tirzah introduces her Coffee Hour topic.

One of the exavation sites where Tirzah has worked

Tirzah taking a photo of the different rock layers while climbing.

Tirzah posing as Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park.

Participants listening in on Tirzah's Coffee Hour presentation.

Tirzah cleaning excavated bone.

Tirzah continuing her Coffee Hour discussion on her digs across the country.

Final uncovered bone.