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Probing battery electrochemistry in situ at atomic scale

An important research project, “Probing battery electrochemistry in situ at atomic scale”, is being conducted at Northwestern University.  Led by scientists from the NUANCE Center, and made possible through the generosity and support of the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN), the team will have opportunity to develop novel instruments and techniques for in operando observation of electrochemical reactions at high resolution by in-situ TEM. The team will provide strong support for research related to rechargeable batteries. The team plans to apply atomic scale observations of charging and discharging for several important electrodes of high capacity and rechargeable batteries. This will be applied beyond the scope of lithium-ion batteries, to other systems such as sodium-ion and aluminum-ion batteries. The team includes: PI - Dr. Jinsong Wu; Co-PIs - Prof. Vinayak DravidProf. Mark Hersam, and Dr. Jeffrey Elam.
Dr. Qianqian Li, postdoctoral researcher at NUANCE-EPIC, is partially supported by the project.  

Project summary HERE.