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NUANCE Image Contest 2014 Grand Prize Winner & Honorable Mentions!

Check out these amazing images taken at the NUANCE Center at Northwestern University! Congratulations to the GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Irene Chang.

Irene Chang

Northwestern University, Materials Science
Derk Joester group

Cryo SEM of a high pressure-frozen and freeze fractured primary mesenchyme cell from a sea urchin embryo

Image taken with Hitachi S4800-II cFEG SEM




Adam E. Jakus
Graduate student

Prof. Ramille N. Shah (MSE/Surgery): Shah Tissue Engineering and Additive Manufacturing (TEAM) Lab. Note this was in collaboration with the Woodruff Laboratory (OBGYN Feinberg).

SEM micrograph of a severed blood vessel within a 3D-printed Hyperelastic Bone scaffold. At the time of chemical fixation, the vessel was in the middle of bleeding. Red blood cells, as well as a monocyte can be seen. Nerve fibers surround the vessel wall.

Image taken with LEO Gemini 1525


Mark Trosper McClendon
Recently Graduated PhD Student

Northwestern, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
Stupp Group

From a High School Outreach project. A gnat eye false colored to look even more awesome. False color with 

Image taken with LEO Gemini 1525


Yu Zhou
Graduate student

Northwestern University, Materials Science
Chad Mirkin group

A SEM image of polymer dewetting on Si substrate after annealing, while Au nanoparticles are formed. 

Hitachi S4800-II cFEG SEM


Roshan Abid
Undergraduate Student

Northwestern University Department of Chemistry
Mirkin Research Group

These three images are of regrown gold nanoprisms. The gold prisms shaded red have zero corner truncations, while blue, green, and purple correspond to one, two, and three corner truncations, respectively.

Image taken with Hitachi H-8100 TEM


Xiaobing Liu

Department of Earth and Planetary science
Dr. Steve Jacobsen Group

This photomicrograph depicts a 1-mm sized, boron-doped diamond (called type-IIb diamond) grown by Dr. Liu, who is investigating the properties and distribution of boron-rich regions, revealed by darker shades in this image. How can hardness approaching that of diamond be reliably measured? This question has impeded research into novel superhard materials and generated intense debate amongst researchers. Here we obtained accurate hardness measurements of boron-doped diamond, with special attention to the 3D structure of the indentations and to the integrity of the indenters as a function of boron content for the first time in the world. This discovery provides a novel advance in estimating hardness and will be helpful the further searching for novel superhard materials. Image taken and research conducted using the
3D Optical Microscope in the NUANCE-Keck-II Facility.


Mary Brown
Senior Research Specialist

University of Illinois at Chicago
College of Medicine

High Resolution Confocal Images of S1P and thrombin differentially altered F-actin structure in human pulmonary endothelium cells (Lung Cells). Taken with the Bruker Dimension FastScan AFM in the NUANCE-SPID Facility.