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Northwestern Graduate on X-ray Microscopy

Dr. Tao Sun, a former doctoral student of NUANCE director Vinayak Dravid, spoke on Monday, Dec 3 at Ryan Hall.

Dr. Sun begins his talk on TiO2 nanorod formation

Dr. Sun received his Ph.D. from Northwestern in 2009.   Following two years of postdoctoral work with Murray Gibson, Dr. Sun has recently accepted a staff scientist position at APS (Advanced Photon Source) at the US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory.  APS provides the brightest storage ring-generated x-ray beams in the United States.  APS facilities can be used for research in almost all scientific disciplines.  Dr. Sun Tao is involved in development and management of x-ray imaging at APS.  

He talked recently at Ryan Hall about CCSI, a novel X-ray imaging technique that generates 3d images of surfaces within a material sample, such as biological membranes.

Dr. Sun explains the algorithm used in 3D X-ray microscopy.

Dr. Sun spent some time after his formal presentation explaining the sublteties of algorithm-corrected imaging techniques involved in imaging with X-ray beams.